Christ-Centered, Bible Proclaiming -We derive our preaching, craft  our policies, and order our practices based on the transforming grace of GOD, revealed in Jesus Christ.

Adoring - We practice public worship, in a variety of styles and expressions, to  create an atmosphere of freedom for the Holy Spirit.

Evangelistic - We actively seek to serve and save the lost, in any place, at all times, by any means necessary.

Training & Equipping - We model, encourage and support the stewardship of the mind through education of clergy, laity and youth. We lead people to maturity, and develop future leaders.

Family Strengthening - We aim to reach and teach each person, in each stage of life, for lasting nurturing and healthy kinship. We will honor the historical past, and propel the future generations of our spiritual family .

Giving and Serving - we will generously lend our time, talent and treasure to the poor, outcast and under-served; and for societal causes that honor the cause of Christ.

Innovative - we will remain open to the  progressive Creativity of God, who sends new plans and untried methods, to serve humanity and build God's church.