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Coed-Softball: Are you looking for fun and fellowship on Friday nights.  Join the NCCF Coed Softball team. We’re looking for male and female softball players to fill our roster.  The season starts in June and the cost to play is $30. Sign up at Guest & Membership Services or send an email to discipleship@nccf-sa.orgto participate.

Marriage Corner Info

H.O.T. Bread for Marriage

"It's In The Details"

God made marriage, and His Spirit inhabits even the smallest details of it. Apart from Him, our marriages will only produce natural fruit. But when we give our relationship to God, His Spirit not only inhabits our marriages, but we also produce spiritual fruit that won't fade or fail.

So, why is this important?   God wants your marriage relationship to be a blessing to your life! His utmost desire is that your marriage be a testament of His love, healing, and liberty in order to win this world for Christ.  What an exciting, yet challenging quest!  Not to fear: He has equipped you to love continually and persevere always. (I Corinthians 13:7)  Through tough times, you can make it!

Begin by looking at the details of your relationship. Perhaps give a smile when you'd rather frown. Instead of the usual "I'm too tired" or "I have a headache", put in the extra effort to meet your spouse's need. You'd be amazed at how God will use these details to bless and heal you.

In conclusion, don't cheat your marriage!  Guard the Spirit of marriage within you. Give your relationship the best of your prayers, your time, your attention, and your resources.  The return will be rewarding and eternal, and together we can leave a legacy of healthy, Christ-centered marriages for generations to come.

Monthly challenge: How has your spouse supported you even when it was against their best judgment and how did that make you feel?  Discuss together.

Book recommendation: Happily Ever After by Gary Chapman

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June 15 - Date Night: Bowling (Sign up at Guest & Membership Services)

July 20th- H.O.T. Event: Why (On Earth) Did I Get Married?
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