Goal:  To create a collective learning/working environment among those who believe they are called by God to credentialed ministry and desire affirmation and credentialing through this local community of faith.  The desire is to develop common understandings and expectations concerning general and specific calls to ministry, ministerial office, ministerial formation process and praxis.  We will seek to bring clarity to the goals of ministry within the context of the community of faith through the perspective lenses of those who will be serving as extensions of pastoral leadership.  The goal is to orient oneself and call within a common framework of this ministry context.   This will also be utilized as a time of observation and evaluation to determine preparedness for and timeliness for licensure.    

Method: Promote a system of self-development along with positive guidance and mentorship from the instructor(s) in order to maximize the ministers’ overall development as servant leaders for effectiveness inside and outside of New Creation Christian Fellowship.  Training will take place utilizing, assigned readings, classroom lectures, individual and group exercises/projects.  This will be accomplished through a continuous process of assessment, development, guidance, and documentation.

Ministry Formation Team:  The primary team members for this ministry are Elder Ramona Johnson, and Elder Brian Quarles.  Please contact the team through the church office: 210.646.7997 ext 206, or email: