Premarital Counseling

New Creation uses the "Prepare/Enrich" assessment inventory. The PREPARE/ENRICH program was developed years ago as a deterrent to divorce. The PREPARE program is designed for premarital couples, while the ENRICH program is designed to help married couples who are seeking couple therapy or related enrichment. It consists of four couple inventories (PREPARE, PREPARE-MC, ENRICH, or MATE). PREPARE is designed for couples planning to marry who do not have children. PREPARE-MC is designed for couples planning to marry who have children, either together or from previous relationships. ENRICH is designed for married couples who are seeking marital enrichment and counseling or premarital couples who have cohabited for two or more years. MATE is designed for older couples (50 or older) planning to marry or facing other life transitions such as retirement or relocation.

Counseling is available Tuesday through Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM. We are located in The Cathedral Building, Administrative Offices, Third Floor, 8700 Fourwinds Drive, Windcrest Texas. Phone us at 210-646-7997 Ext. 123 for an appointment.


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